The City of Goose Creek has launched an exciting new initiative in partnership with our Cultural Arts and Recreation Commissions: The “Adopt-A-Goose” program gives City businesses and organizations the opportunity to display their own goose statue – designed just for them. 

The statues are making a splash around town! Through scavenger hunts and photo opportunities, they create a buzz – and foot traffic – for participating businesses. The statues come with a nameplate and an optional base. 

This program is a great initiative to support local businesses and economic development in Goose Creek. Read below for more information on adopting your own goose and #FollowtheFlock on social media!

Join the goose chase and discover where our statues have landed!

Word has spread across the Lowcountry, and more geese have decided to make Goose Creek their forever home. We need your help to find all of the geese statues across the City. To track your discoveries, we've created a map and checklist below that can be printed or picked up at the Goose Creek Recreation Center. (The current map reflects 21 statues nested in the City as of March 2024. As more geese nest, they will not be updated on the scavenger hunt map until the end of 2024. You are welcome to include them in your finds!)

Tag us in your photos and videos using the hashtag #GCGooseChase!

Can't wait? Click here for an official list of every goose statue (updated as statues are adopted and officially installed at their designated location).

  1. Find all of the goose statues that have landed at various businesses and organizations!
  2. Download and print the map here or pick up a copy at the Fitness or Activity Center (519A North Goose Creek Blvd) to track your findings.

    Adopt a Goose Scavenger Hunt Map

  3. There are 21 statues (as of March 2024) to find and can be tracked by taking a picture with each one. We encourage you to venture inside the businesses as some offer promotional items for visiting! Check operating hours for each business as some statues are nested indoors.
    1. Return your completed card to the Recreation Center for a wristband showing you found all of the geese statues. Everyone who returns a completed card will receive a bracelet for finding all of the geese. Make sure to show our staff the pictures you took with the geese! Click the image below and print out a certificate recognizing your scavenger hunting skills.
  4. Share pictures from your scavenger hunt across the City with us by tagging @cityofgoosecreek and @cityofgoosecreekrecreation on Facebook and Instagram and using the hashtag #GCGooseChase.

Stumped? View a map of all of the locations here.

Want to learn more? Click here for an informational flyer. 

Click here to apply to adopt your statue!


Caliber Collision logo
Thank you to Caliber Collision for being a community partner in the City, and for their help in the clear coating process during the painting of the geese.