The City Administrator oversees the daily operation of the city. 

The City Administrator's Office implements the vision set forth by the Mayor and City Council by supervising all city departments, writing the city’s annual budget and managing the city’s capital projects. City Administrator Natalie Zeigler can be reached at 843-797-6220 ext. 1115, or by email


Do you have a question or concern? Our Senior Staff is at your service.

City Clerk

Kelly J. Lovette, MMC - City Clerk
843-797-6220, ext. 1113
Email Kelly

Assistant City Administrator

K. Brian Cook
843-797-6220, ext. 1112
Email Brian

Special Projects Manager

Alexis Kiser, MPA
843-797-6220, ext. 1123
Email Alexis


Tyler Howanyk - Chief Financial Officer
843-797-6220, ext. 1121
Email Tyler

Economic Development  

Rob Wiggins
843-797-6220 ext. 1125
Email Rob

Fire Department

Mike Nixon, Fire Chief
843-553-8350 ext. 3232
Email Mike

Crowfield Golf Club

Troy Sanders, General Manager
Email Troy

Information Technology Department

Ryan Byrd, IT Director 
843-797-6220 ext. 1155
Email Ryan

Planning Department

Kendra Wise, Planning and Zoning Director 
843-797-6220 ext. 1118
Email Kendra

Police Department

LJ Roscoe, Police Chief
843-863-5200 ext. 2309
Email LJ

Public Information Office

Frank Johnson - Public Information Officer 
843-797-6220 ext. 1117 
Email Frank

Department of Public Works

Chuck Denson, Director of Public Works
843-824-2200 ext. 4263
Email Chuck 

Recreation Department

Crystal Reed, Recreation Director
843-569-4242 ext. 5285
Email Crystal

Human Resources

Hilary VanOrsdel, HR Director
843-797-6220 ext. 1138
Email Hilary