Electronics & Paint

Disposal of Computers & Televisions 
Computers (desktops, laptops, notebook, and tablet computers), computer monitors, televisions, and printers must be disposed of at the Berkeley County Convenience Center on Oakley Road in Moncks Corner.

Disposal of Household Paints
Paint will be collected with regular household garbage. The paint must be completely hardened before the city can collect and dispose of it. Lids should be removed from paint cans to allow residue to dry. Builders sand, kitty litter, or wood chips should be added to leftover paint in order that it will air dry and harden. Once the paint is dry, place the paint can next to the green roll cart on the curb side for pick up.  Do not place paint cans in the green roll cart.

Sewer Discharge
Only latex paints may be diluted and discharged to the sewer.

Contractor Paints
The city will not dispose of left over paints from contractors. Contractors should contact SCDHEC for proper disposal procedures.