In order to promote and encourage the creation and installation of original works of art in the City of Goose Creek, City Council adopted Chapter 154: Public Art on Private Property, which establishes the Goose Creek Public Art Fund. The goals of the creation of public art is to:

  • Promote cultural heritage and artistic expression in the City
  • Enhance the City's character and identity
  • Contribute to economic development and tourism
  • Add warmth, dignity, beauty, and accessibility to public spaces
  • Expand the experience and participation of citizens with the community and visual arts

Public art has become an integral part of of the community where we live. With the passage of this ordinance, public art will become an integral part in the planning process for new residential, commercial, and public projects, as well as, commercial and public remodeling projects.

What Projects are Required to Participate?

  • All new residential development projects 100 or more units, all commercial and all public building development projects, with a construction valuation of $500,000 or more.
  • All remodeling of existing commercial and public buildings when remodeling has a construction valuation of $250,000 or more.

How much Funding or Art is Required?

Contributions are based on the construction valuation provided when you apply for building permits. For those applicants that meet or exceed the threshold, 1% of the construction valuation, up to $20,000. Developers and owners can choose to include art on the property when the design and installation of original arts equals 1% of the construction value, contribute the same amount into the Goose Creek Public Art Fund, or a combination of both.


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