Frequently Asked Questions

  • When are bulk items picked up in my subdivision?
    • Bulk items are picked up on your regular scheduled household pick up day for your subdivision. Scheduled Pick Up Days
  • Can you pick up electronics?
    • No. Electronics such as televisions, computer monitors, computer hard drives and printers are not picked up by our sanitation department. They must be taken to the Berkeley County Convenience Center and placed in the E-scrap bin. Convenience Center Locations
  • How or where should I recycle used cooking oil?
    • The proper disposal method for cooking oil is to allow it to cool completely and pour it into a reusable container. Then the oil should be transported to a recycle center that accepts oil. The two nearest locations are Oakley Landfill between Goose Creek and Moncks Corner, and the recycle center located at the Department of Public Works, 200 Button Hall Avenue in Goose Creek. 
  • How do I dispose of Medication?