The Cultural Arts Commission was created in 2016, and held its first meeting in February 2017.

The Commission meets from 7 to 8 p.m. on the second Monday of every month, at the Goose Creek Community Center. 

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The Cultural Arts Commission is looking for volunteers! If you're interested, email Cultural Arts Commission Chairperson Marsha Hassell

Vision Statement

Through innovative cultural arts programming, we will play an integral role in the city of Goose Creek’s development into a premiere community for living, working, playing, and creating.

Mission Statement

The Goose Creek Cultural Arts Commission will identify, present and sustain cultural arts initiatives that enrich the lives of Goose Creek residents and visitors.

Commission Members

  • Chairperson Marsha Hassell
  • Co-Chairperson Pamela J. Smith
  • Lindsey Kerr
  • Michael Owens
  • Tony Young
  • Sharina Haynes
  • Eyamba Williams

For more information on the Cultural Arts Commission, call (843) 797-6220 ext. 1113.

Goose in the Creek Contest Winner
The Cultural Arts Commission held a "Goose in the Creek" contest at the 2017 Fall Festival.