Below, you can access the Goose Creek Code of Ordinances. If you can't find what you're looking for, or if you have specific questions about City's Code, please contact the city clerk at (843) 797-6220, ext. 1113.

Pending City Ordinances

The following City Ordinances have been passed by City Council but have not yet been codified into the Code of Ordinances:

Ordinance #2021-033 Open Carry at Permitted Events

Ordinance #2021-032 Outdoor Events

Ordinance #2021-031 Zoning Map Amendment

Ordinance #2021-030 Zoning Amendment

Ordinance #2021-029 City Elections

Ordinance #2021-028 Business License  

Ordinance #2021-027 Water Rate Structure

Ordinance #2021-026: Local Accommodations Tax

Ordinance #2021-025: Budget

Ordinance #2021-024: City Council Meetings