What is required to apply for an open position? 
To apply for an open position, an application must be completed and forwarded to the Human Resources Director. Resumes are encouraged but will not be considered without an application. 

How long does the City accept applications for open positions? 
City positions are posted for a minimum of five working days. Positions are open until filled unless a closing date is listed. 

Are applicants contacted with updates after submitting an application? 
Only applicants chosen for interviews will be contacted. 

If applicants are interviewed, are they contacted when a decision has been made? 
Yes. All applicants interviewed will be contacted by mail or by phone with a determination. 

How long do applications remain active? 
All applications are active for six months. 

Are applicants called if they are qualified when the next opening becomes available? 
No. Applicants need to check the City’s website at www.cityofgoosecreek.com, the job line at 797-6220 extension 1150, or visit one of the City’s departments to check for open positions. 

Do applicants need to complete a new application when another position becomes available? 
No. The original application can be used if it was submitted within six months of the new posting. If information has changed an updated application should be submitted for the new opening.