Victim/Witness Services

Olivia Menjares
Victim Advocate
[email protected]
(843) 863-5200 ext. 2340

Services Rendered

Services provided include:

  • Information - Comprehensive explanation of services provided by various agencies for victims / witnesses of crime, to included restitution
  • Referrals - Recommending assistance from sources that are available
  • Emotional Support - Providing moral support to the victim during the aftermath of a crime
  • Personal Advocacy - Acting on behalf of victims or witnesses to ensure that they receive appropriate assistance from service agencies and the criminal justice system
  • Victim Compensation - Assist victims of violent crimes in completing the appropriate forms for authorized compensation from the State Office of Victims Assistance

Additional Resources

S.C. State Office of Victim Assistance

S.C. Crime Victims' Ombudsman

S.C. Victim Assistance Network (SCVAN)

9th Circuit Solicitor Victim Assistance


“Victim” as defined by the SC State Code of Laws, Title 16, is a person who suffers direct or threatened physical, emotional, or financial harm as the result of the commission of a crime.

“Witness” is defined as any person who has been, or is expected to be summoned to testify for either the prosecution or defense, or who by reason of having relevant information, is likely to be called as a witness by the prosecution or defense, whether or not any action or proceeding has yet been commenced.

Victim’s Bill of Rights

Victims and witnesses of crime are afforded the following rights under South Carolina Law, Section 16-3-1530:

  • A right to be treated with dignity and compassion
  • A right to protection from intimidation and harm
  • A right to be informed concerning the criminal justice process
  • A right to preservation of property and employment
  • A right to due process in criminal court proceedings

Special Recognition

Victims and witnesses who are very young, handicapped, or have special needs, have a right to special recognition and attention by all criminal justice, medical, and social service agents.

Group Training

The victim advocate is available to provide training to groups ranging from school children and civic groups to businesses and corporations. Training requests can be made by contacting the victim advocate.