Goose Creek Community Center Fitness Center

Membership Fees - per person

Type of Member Yearly Fee 2019
Adult Resident $60
Youth Resident-under 16 $25
Adult Non-Resident $325
Youth Non-Resident -under 16 $175

Adult Membership Includes: Weight training area, cardio deck, climbing wall, walking track, and basketball gym.

Youth Membership Includes: Basketball gym and climbing wall only.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 6 am-9 pm, Saturday & Sunday 7 am-7 pm.

Residents must show proof of residency to qualify for the resident fee.

Acceptable forms of proof of residency include:

  • Homeowners: drivers license or picture identification and most recent utility bill
  • Renters: drivers license or picture identification, most recent utility bill, and original rental agreement

Membership Form

Fitness Center is for members only; there is a limited guest policy: Guest Policy

Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable and cannot be shared with others.  Two memberships cards with the same membership number are issued when you purchase your membership.  These two identical cards are for one membership only and cannot be given to guests.  

For other important fitness center rules, please click here


An introduction to our strength training and cardiovascular equipment.  This 45 minutes session will be a benefit to all members.  This is perfect for those who are new to the fitness center and for those who want to make sure the are using the equipment properly and safely.  Instructor is a certified trainer.

Fee:  $15 residents/$20 non-residents; must register 24 hours in advance of session.

 Click here for times and dates

Child Care

Child care is available for children ages 1 through 8 years.

Monday-Thursday 3 pm-8 pm

  • Monthly Fee - $20 per child
    • $10 per month for each additional child of same family
    • Monthly  fee is from the first of the month to the end of the month and is not pro-rated.
  • Hourly Fee - $2 per child, $2 minimum fee

Climbing WallClimbing Wall

Ages 4 years old and up or minimum weight on the wall is 35LBS

Hours of Operation & Fees

•Monday-Friday 4-8 pm/Saturday & Sunday 11 am-4 pm

•Climbing wall parties available

Become a certified climber (18 years+)

Fitness Classes

Couch to 5K Training

A 9-week running program designed to get you off the couch and on the road.

Personal Training is offered at the Community Center by Certified Trainers

Rates are as follows:
  • 30 minute session $32
  • 1 hour session $45
  • 4 30-minute sessions $99
  • 3 45-minute sessions $99
  • Email Fitness Coordinator Sylvia Reid for additional information
  • Fitness Center phone number:  843-569-4242, ext. 0

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