Permit Routing

The City of Goose Creek will process all building permits in a timely manner. When feasible, all commercial building permits will be processed through the appropriate departments simultaneously to expedite the issuance of permits. Building permits will not be issued verbally and will not be issued to individuals / businesses that do not meet the guidelines established by the State of South Carolina, City Ordinances, or the applicable building codes. Building permits will not be issued to contractors until all business license fees are paid.

Permit Tracking
Each building permit will be tracked and numbered through our building projects software. The Permitting Office will obtain all required documentation from the applicant and determine the necessary review and approval requirements. If required, the application will then be routed to the Department of Planning and Zoning (DPZ) for review and approval.

Permit Review and Issuance
Following its review, the DPZ will return the permit application to the Permitting Office, which will either issue the requested permit or, if necessary, forward the permit application to the Building Officials Office. The Building Officials Office will review the application, then return it to the Permitting Office which will issue the requested permit.

Building Inspections
Not all building permits will require a review by the building inspectors and/or DPZ. Some permits will still require a building inspection and the Permitting Office will provide a list of required inspections to the individual requesting a permit.