The following maps have been developed by the City of Goose Creek staff to enable residents to access development information, zoning, annexation trends, land use, and floodplain information. 

These maps are consistently updated as new information becomes available. There is no charge to download a map from this site.

City Zoning Map

City Floodplain Map

City Street Map

City Boundaries Map

To request a custom map, please email Brenda Moneer, Planning and Zoning Specialist, or call her at (843) 797-6220 Ext. 1116. The fees for mapping are below.

Custom Map Fees

Electronic Copy PDF or JPG Free
A-Size, 8 1/2 by 11 inches $1
B-Size, 11 by 17 inches $2
C-Size, 34 by 44 inches $10
Custom Maps, Electronic Copy PDF / JPEG $25/hour
Custom Maps, Sizes A through E Hard Copies $25/hour plus printing cost

Interactive GIS Mapping

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