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  • City of Goose Creek Special Referendum

  • Dec 3 2019 7:00am - 7:00pm

A Special Referendum will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 3 for City of Goose Creek voters. 

One yes-or-no question will appear on the referendum. Here is the question:

Shall the City Council of the City of Goose Creek, as the governing body of the City of Goose Creek, South Carolina, be authorized to acquire by initial construction or purchase, and thereafter establish, improve, operate and maintain an electric utility system to furnish electric power?

The referendum will be treated like a special election: Residents can take part by going where they would normally go to vote. Please note that voting does not take place at City Hall as it has in years past. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Precincts for the Special Referendum:

Central (Metro North Church, 109 Central Avenue)

Carnes Cross Road 2 (Pineridge Fire Dept., 565 Myers Road)

Devon Forest 1 and 2 (Devon Forest Elementary School, 1127 Dorothy Street)

Stratford 2 and 4, and Stone Lake (Stratford High School, 951 Crowfield Blvd)

Westview 1 and 4 (Crowfield Baptist Church, 100 Hunters Lane)

Westview 2 and 3 (Westview Schools, 100 Westview Blvd)

Beverly Hills and Medway (Boulder Bluff Elementary School, 400 Judy Drive)

Howe Hall 1 and 2 (Howe Hall Elementary School, 115 Howe Hall Road)

Liberty Hall (New Life Christian Church, 358 Liberty Hall Road)

Sedgefield 1 and 2, Foster Creek 1, and St. James (Sedgefield Middle School, 131 Charles B. Gibson Blvd)

The referendum will be administered by Berkeley County. Visit the county's online Voter Registration and Elections page or call 843-719-4059 for more information.

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