We are glad you're interested in Goose Creek. Whether you're a site selector, local business or potential visitor, we're here to help. #CREEKRISING embodies our community, and we hope you’ll grow with us.

Please use this page to learn more about our city, and contact our economic development department to find out more.

Doing Business Here

Goose Creek is a great place to invest and grow your business. We offer a full suite of city-based incentives. For qualifying companies, county and state level incentives also apply.

If you’re ready to get started, check out our business license department. If you’re looking to build now, check out our building permit area. For more information about relocation, contact Economic Development Director Matt Brady.

Goose Creek Local

We celebrate our uniquely Goose Creek businesses through our Goose Creek Local Branded program. Check these businesses out by exploring our interactive map. If your business would like to be a Goose Creek Local certified company, find out more here.

Existing Businesses

We are dedicated to helping our existing businesses thrive and grow. If you are an existing company in town, we want to hear from you! Please take our survey so that we can learn how to better serve you.

Site Selection and Relocation

For professional site selectors—and business owners looking for data themselves—please visit our data center. There, you’ll find more information about demographics, workforce, and other pertinent data sets. You can also see what properties are available in town. For even more information, please see our full economic development page.