• Santa visits Goose Creek: Wednesday, Dec. 8 Schedule

  • Dec 7 2021

Throughout the holidays, our Goose Creek Police and Fire Departments are going to spread Christmas cheer throughout the City by giving Santa a ride around our different neighborhoods! Kids can wave at Santa as he rides by their house in a Goose Creek Fire Truck, escorted by the Goose Creek Police. Santa in the Creek will take place from 5:30 p.m. until the route is finished. 

The dates are as follows: Dec. 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 15 and 16. In the event the weather is too bad for him to make it from the North Pole on any of those days, he will use Dec. 20 as a makeup date. Exact routes will be posted here at least one day in advance of each schedule visit.

Please remember that Santa can't make it to every single street in every neighborhood, so if you live on a side street please plan to come to one of the streets listed on the City's website. Also, Santa only comes to the neighborhoods within the city limits.


Day 3: Wednesday, Dec. 8


Branchwood Apartments

Foxborough Townhomes

Brandywine Townhomes

Shannon Park Apartments

Etiwan Apartments



Wildberry Lane to right on Maypop Drive

Maypop Drive to left on Thistle Road

Thistle Road to left on Vinca Drive

Vinca Drive to right on Wildberry Lane

Wildberry Lane to left on Larkspur Drive

Larkspur Drive to right on Maypop Drive

Maypop Drive to right on Wildberry Lane


Birch Hollow Mobile Home Park:

Barksdale Road to right on Bayboro Circle

Bayboro Circle to right on Barksdale Road

Barksdale Road to right on Liberty Hall Road


Waterford Townhomes

Wedgewood Townhomes


Liberty Hall Plantation:

Adler Road to right on Cypress View Road

Cypress View Road go straight onto Slow Mill Dive

Slow Mill Drive to left on Border Road

Border Road to right on Slow Mill Drive

Slow Mill Drive to right on Broken Branch Drive

Broken Branch Drive to left on Adler Road

Adler Road to right on Clayburn Drive

Clayburn Drive to right on Old Jackson Road

Old Jackson Road to right on Clayburne Drive

Clayburne Drive to left on Old Carolina Drive

Old Carolina Drive to right on Salem Creek Drive

Salem Creek Drive to left on Adler Road

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