Voter at the Municipal Court
  • Goose Creek voters set to choose Mayor, City Council on April 3

  • Mar 28 2018

It’s almost time for Goose Creek voters to go to the polls.

Election Day is Tuesday, April 3, when voters will elect a Mayor and three City Council members. Voting takes place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Goose Creek Municipal Court at the Municipal Center.

Goose Creek’s City Council and Mayoral elections are non-partisan. Winners are determined by an at-large, city-wide vote. If needed, a runoff election would be held on April 17.

The Mayor of Goose Creek serves a four-year term. Two Mayoral candidates will appear on the ballot: Greg Habib and incumbent Michael J. Heitzler.

City Council members serve a four-year term. Every two years, three of the six City Council seats are up for election.

This year, six candidates for three City Council seats will appear on the ballot: Kimo Esarey (incumbent), Debra Green-Fletcher (incumbent), Christopher Harmon, Tom Keefe, Corey McClary and Jerry Tekac.

The City’s election is conducted by Berkeley County; for more information on the 2018 election, contact the Berkeley County Voter Registration and Elections Office at (843) 719-4056 or visit the Voter Registration and Elections office online.

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