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  • City receives $500K grant for water line improvements

  • Nov 10 2020

The South Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) has approved grant assistance for 28 projects, totaling more than $13 million. That includes a $500,000 grant to the City of Goose Creek that will be used for water line improvements. 

The assistance will help keep critical water, sewer and stormwater infrastructure strong as communities focus on protecting public health and preparing for economic opportunities.

City of Goose Creek Public Works Director Chuck Denson said the City's grant will be put to good use in the form of water main replacement projects.

"Improvements are always ongoing, but the money will speed up what we're able to do," Denson said. "We're going to replace the water mains on Tammie Avenue and Vine Street. On the Vine Street project, we'll upsize the water main and loop it so we can provide better fire protection for residents in the area."

Bonnie Ammons is the RIA Executive Director.

"Even as many communities face increased expenses and decreased revenues as they respond to today's challenges, the infrastructure that residents and businesses depend on continues to need improvement," Ammons said. "The investments we make today are crucial to maintaining public health and environmental standards and providing the foundation for strong local economies."

The RIA grants will be combined with over $15.6 million in local and other funds to address pressing health and environmental concerns. Some recipients will work to correct issues with water quality, sewer overflows or frequent flooding. Others will use the funds to replace or upgrade aging infrastructure to build stronger, more resilient systems. The remaining projects will extend or improve infrastructure to serve businesses and provide economic opportunities to the local communities. Combined, these projects will benefit more than 53,000 customers in 19 counties.

RIA grants are awarded twice a year through a competitive process that considers the need for improved public health, environmental protection, community sustainability and economic development. Applications are selected by the RIA board based on criteria, including severity of the problem, expected impact and project feasibility. Recipients share in the cost of projects by paying for non-construction activities and, oftentimes, providing additional funds for construction.

A list of grant recipients for the first round of competitive grants for fiscal year 2021 is below. To learn more about RIA or how to apply for grant assistance, visit www.ria.sc.gov.

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