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  • City Council election takes place March 26

  • Mar 14 2019

A special election to fill a vacant seat on Goose Creek City Council will take place on Tuesday, March 26.

Voting will not take place at City Hall; instead, voting will take place at the normal precincts and polling places that are used in county, state and federal elections.

The precincts and polling place locations for this election are listed below. Please note that College Park Middle School and Goose Creek High School are not available for this election. If your regular polling place is College Park Middle, you will instead vote at Stratford High School. If your regular polling place is Goose Creek High School, you will instead vote at Sedgefield Middle School. These changes are for this election only; voters will return to your normal polling place in future elections.

In order to vote in this election, residents must have been registered to vote by Feb. 23.

Four candidates have filed to run for the vacancy, which occurred when Councilmember Brandon Cox resigned his seat after winning a Berkeley County Council seat in the 2018 election. The remainder of Councilmember Cox's term continues until 2020.

The candidates who will appear on the March 26 ballot are Jeremy Barclay, Alan R. Fix, Christopher Harmon and Marvin Martinez.

City of Goose Creek elections are administered by Berkeley County. Visit the Berkeley County Voter Registration and Elections online.

The Berkeley County Board of Elections and Registration’s Public Notice concerning the election contains information including a list of precincts and polling places.

The precincts and polling place locations for this election are:

005 Central -- Metro North Church

009 Carnes Cross Rd 2 -- Pineridge Fire Department

014 Devon Forest 1 -- Devon Forest Elementary School

015 Devon Forest 2 -- Devon Forest Elementary School

045 Stratford 2 -- Stratford High School

047 Stratford 4 -- Stratford High School

050 Westview 1 -- Crowfield Baptist Church

051 Westview 2 -- Westview School

052 Westview 3 -- Westview School

054 Beverley Hills -- Boulder Bluff Elementary School

055 Howe Hall 1 -- Howe Hall Elementary School

056 Howe Hall 2 -- Howe Hall Elementary School

057 Liberty Hall -- New Life Christian Church

058 Medway -- Boulder Bluff Elementary School

073 Stone Lake -- Stratford High School

075 Westview 4 -- Crowfield Baptist Church

076 Foster Creek 1 -- Sedgefield Middle School

080 St. James -- Sedgefield Middle School

081 Sedgefield 1 -- Sedgefield Middle School

082 Sedgefield 2 -- Sedgefield Middle School

For more information call the Berkeley County Voter Registration and Elections office at (843) 719-4056.

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