Bradford Pear
  • City begins removal of Bradford Pear trees

  • Feb 3 2022

Our Public Works Department has recently begun removing Bradford Pear trees from City-owned property and along Highway 52. This is being done as a proactive measure because, among other issues, the trees easily splits or breaks apart in storms. Click here to read a Clemson Extension article that provides more information on the Bradford Pear tree.

“All of the Bradford Pear trees on City property are well over 15 years old and those that haven’t split are prime candidates to split in the next major wind storm event,” DPW Director Chuck Denson explained. “In an effort to mitigate damage and move towards the eradication of this invasive species, the DPW Maintenance Division has started removing them from City property and along North Goose Creek Boulevard.  We will be replanting trees in most areas with a tree suitable to the conditions on that particular site.”

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