Prayer Chapel
  • Bids open for Wedding & Prayer Chapel; deadline is March 18

  • Mar 12 2024

Click here to watch a special video message from Mayor Habib regarding the Wedding and Prayer Chapel on St. James Avenue.

The City purchased the Wedding and Prayer Chapel and the lot it sits on last year to transform the location into a unique new use: a Goose Creek Collective Arts Building that will serve as a focal point for the City’s arts scene. 

As the Mayor explains, when it became clear that the cost to renovate the chapel would exceed the cost of building a new structure, the City has chosen to build a new arts building.  The new building will be 140 square feet larger than the existing chapel, and is estimated to cost approximately $50,000 less than a renovation. 

It will employ a design that harkens back to the original chapel. It will be fully accessible, and easier to program with family friendly events, performances, art displays and hands-on activities for our kids. It will allow for more parking in an easier-to-navigate parking lot. In short, it will have everything it needs to make new memories for the next generation – and many generations to follow.

Because we know how special the original chapel is, we wanted to give any interested residents or local businesses the opportunity to purchase the chapel and have it moved to a new location.

The City of Goose Creek is now accepting bids for the purchase and transport of the Wedding and Prayer Chapel on St. James Avenue. Click here for more information on the bidding process. The deadline for bids is March 18. Questions about the bidding process? Email Sherry at [email protected]

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