Mark Brodeur
  • Mark Brodeur

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  • Title: Planning and Zoning Director

  • Phone: 843-797-6220 ext. 1118

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Mark Brodeur became the City of Goose Creek's Planning and Zoning Director in May of 2019.

Mark's passion is urban regeneration. He loves taking previously developed land and turning it into something special. Since Mark’s first City Planning Director’s post in 1979, he has been committed. Never one to lose his sense of humor, Mark has the ability to influence a positive attitude to those around him by always being collaborative and upbeat.

Mark’s background is a purposeful mix of public/private sector leadership. He is a "hands-on" leader, preferring to roll up his sleeves and work with his team toward a creative solution. A passionate advocate for urban regeneration/design, he frequently references urban revitalization as the most valid type of economic sustainability. "The unique features and assets of a great urban place are the basis for solid economic development,” he said.

Mark has relocated from Pacific Grove California, where he was the Director of Community and Economic Development for the past four years. He is a graduate of Syracuse University and the University of Massachusetts. He has been an urban planner for 42 years and has worked in diverse locations such as Vermont, Massachusetts, Arizona, Texas and Florida. He is married and has two children.  

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