Want to know your property's zoning classification? Visit Berkeley County's GIS mapping.

For land use by right visit the Code of Ordinance "Appendix B" within Section 151.0.

City of Goose Creek Zoning Districts

  • CO-Conservation Open Space  
  • R1-Residential, Low Density Single Family  
  • R2-Residential, Medium Density Single Family 
  • R3-Residential, High Density 
  • R4-Town-home District
  • R5-Multi Family Apartments
  • PDMH-Planned Development Mobile Home  
  • PD-Planned Development 
  • GC-General Commercial 
  • RC-Restricted Commercial
  • NC-Neighborhood Commercial
  • BPO-Business Professional Office
  • LI-Light Industrial
  • GI-General Industrial
  • HI-Heavy Industrial                       

Pending City Ordinance

The following City Ordinance has been passed by City Council but has not yet been codified into the Code of Ordinances: