The Department of Planning and Zoning provides guidance for well-planned and sustainable long-term growth and development.

The department provides any technical and zoning assistance needed. Our guiding principles are to preserve the small-town character of Goose Creek, protect its natural resources, and promote community vitality.

Frequent Questions:

  • What is the zoning of my parcel? or is my Parcel in the City of Goose Creek?
  • What do I need to know to put up a fence?
    • Ordinance language regarding fencing, property lines, if there are easements on the property.
    • Please access this link for fence regulations.
  • What do I need to know before I cut down a tree
    • Is the tree on my property?
    • Do I live in an HOA/POA that regulates trees?  If the answer is yes, please contact your HOA/POA.
    • Is the tree a protected tree? This group consist of hardwood species that are 8" in diameter, and under 24" in diameter.
    • Is the tree a grand tree? This group consist of hardwood species that are 24" and greater in diameter.
    • If the tree is a protected or grand tree, please contact Planning and Zoning prior to removal.
    • Please access this link for tree regulations.


The department strives to provide exceptional customer service as we perform a variety of services. Some of those services include:

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View the city's Comprehensive Plan, updated in 2021.