The Department of Planning and Zoning provides guidance for well-planned and sustainable long-term growth and development.

The department provides any technical and zoning assistance needed. Our guiding principles are to preserve the small-town character of Goose Creek, protect its natural resources, and promote community vitality.

Kendra Wise
Director of Planning and Zoning
ext. 1118, Email: [email protected]

Brenda Moneer
Planner II
ext. 1116, Email: [email protected]

Joseph Morris
Planner II
ext. 1131, Email: [email protected]

Lili Ortiz-Ludlum
Administrative Assistant
ext. 1114, Email: [email protected]

The department strives to provide exceptional customer service as we perform a variety of services. Some of those services include:

Land Use Application

Development Resources  

Master Fee Schedule

Townhome District (R-4) Design Guidelines

Multifamily (Apartment) District (R-5) Design Guidelines 

Carnes Crossroads Resources 


Carnes Development Agreement
Mackey Farms
Development Agreement
Also applicable to Hewing Farms.