Business is the lifeblood of our city.

The City of Goose Creek is committed to creating a friendly environment for both new and existing businesses.

Are you starting a business in an existing building?
To start a new business, you must apply for a business license. Call (843) 797-6220, ext. 1122 with questions.

Are you starting a home business?
If you are thinking of working from home or starting your own business, there are some regulations that you will need to consider. You must apply for a business license and a home occupancy license for any home occupancy. Call (843) 797-6220, ext. 1122 for more information.

Inspections, Licensing and Permits

Business License Calculator


New to the area? Check out the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce.

City of Goose Creek Economic Development Director Matt Brady can be reached by Email, or speak with him by phone at (843) 797-6220, ext. 1125.