Goose Creek's Small Business Working Capital Loan Program

The City of Goose Creek has partnered with Charleston LDC (A community development financial institution) to offer working capital loan services to our small businesses. We recognize the toll that Covid-19 has taken on many businesses, and want to help you through this time.

The businesses applicant must qualify with both the City and LDC through a typical loan examination process. Please review the parameters of the loan and the terms. If you feel like you qualify, a please visit our secure application page. A $25 application fee will apply.


Parameters of the loan program

  • Loan amounts from $2,500 to $25,000
  • Borrowers must have a physical location within the corporate limits of the City of Goose Creek. Home occupancy businesses are eligible but must be based within the City limits.
  • Businesses must be in good standing with the City.
  • Borrowers must be able to demonstrate (using financial records) COVID-19 related impact to business operations incurred March 1, 2020, or later
  • Loans will be used exclusively for working capital
  • Small Business is defined as those businesses with 25 or fewer full-time-equivalent employees, including franchises with fewer than 25 employees in the City


  • Interest rate of no more than 4%
  • The LDC retains 3% of interest paid, with the remaining 1% reinvested into the program
  • Loan origination fee is 1% of loan total to cover closing costs, paid by the City
  • The principal repayments will be reinvested into the program
  • Application fee of $25, payable to LDC
  • Loan term of twelve months for loans $2,500 - $10,000 / 24 months for loans $10,001 -
  • $25,000 (term may be extended after analyzing the recipient’s ability to repay due to
  • COVID-19 operating restrictions)
  • No prepayment penalty


  • Churches and other nonprofits
  • Multi-level marketing businesses
  • Financial/Lending institutions
  • Private membership or fraternal organizations
  • Adult-oriented businesses
  • Businesses with over 25 full-time employees or equivalent
  • Businesses that started after March 1, 2020