Goose Creek by the Numbers

Population estimate in 2019: 45,770

Up 17% since 2010, and 8th in the state of South Carolina. Population with Goose Creek's primary trade area is 65,364. Population within the City's primary and secondary trade areas (10-15 minute drive) is over 150,000.

Average Household income in Primary Trade Area: $78,728

Median Household Income is $65,710 with a projected 5-year growth

58% of households make more than $60,000

28% of households make more than $100,000

Goose Creek is served by 3 public high schools, with graduation rates 9% higher than the state's.

The city is served by 3 public middle schools, 9 elementary schools, and 6 pre-schools, as well as Northwood Academy. Learn more about the Berkeley County School District and Northwood Academy.

The median age for Goose Creek residents is 33 years

1/3 of residents are between the ages of 25 and 44

The median home value in Goose Creek is $182,291 (2017)

The median home sale price in 2016 was $212,065

Carnes house