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  • Veterans Banners available for online purchase

  • Jul 26 2021

With the John McCants Veterans Park nearing completion, the City of Goose Creek has one more way we would like to honor our local Veterans. We hope that you’ll like this idea, and that it will become an annual tradition.

Each year, working with our partners at Carolina Signs, the City will display 100 Veterans Banners on the light poles at the new Veterans Park and the Municipal Center throughout the month of November, coinciding with Veterans Day on Nov. 11.

Residents who would like to honor a Veteran in their family are invited to purchase a banner. After it is displayed throughout the month of November, the banner will be given to its owner. The banners will cost $100, which covers printing and installation costs. It will feature a photograph of the Veteran it is honoring, along with his or her name and rank/military affiliation. A limit of 100 Veteran Banners will be displayed each year.

Orders and payments will only be accepted digitally at the link below, and will be accepted until either Aug. 31 or until 100 orders are received. Please limit one order per family to allow as many residents as possible to participate. The City will announce if the limit is reached before Aug. 31. After the banners are displayed in November, they will be available for pickup at City Hall from Dec. 6 to Dec. 17.

Click here to order your banner

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