• Santa in the Creek continues Dec. 22

  • Dec 22 2020

Throughout the holidays, our Goose Creek Police and Fire Departments are going to spread Christmas cheer throughout the City by giving Santa a ride around our different neighborhoods! Kids can wave at Santa as he rides by their house in a Goose Creek Fire Truck, escorted by the Goose Creek Police. Santa in the Creek will take place from 5:30 p.m. until the route is finished every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night. 

Tuesday, Dec. 22

On Tuesday, Santa's final visit to Goose Creek will see him visit, in order, the neighborhoods of Gibbes Forest, Piedmont Place, Deerfield Place, The Commons 1, 2 & 3, Stratford Forest, Friars Grove, Coventry Green Apartments, Bedford Chase, Hearthstone, Cadbury, Pembroke, Crowfield Greene, Stonehurst, Adthan Place, Chatfield Place, Haleswood, The Preserve, Lakeview Terrace, and The Hamlets. Below are the streets that Santa will take, in order, on Tuesday, Dec. 22, beginning around 5:30 p.m. 

Gibbes Forest:

Westview Boulevard to Left on Carter Drive

Carter Drive to right on Belleplaine Drive

Belleplaine Drive to turn in cul-de-sac

Belleplaine Drive to left on Prospect Way

Prospect way to left on Westview Boulevard


Piedmont Place:

Westview Boulevard to left into first Piedmont Place entrance

At stop sign turn right on Winding Rock Road

Go straight past two cul-de-sacs on left and turn left onto Winding Rock Road

Follow Winding Rock Road around to exit of subdivision on left

From exit turn left on Westview Boulevard


Deerfield Place:

Westview Boulevard turn left onto 8 Point Road

8 Point Road to right on Hidden Fawn Circle

Hidden Fawn Circle to right on Deerfield Drive


The Commons 1 , 2 & 3

Deerfield Drive go straight across Westview Boulevard onto Indigo Lane

Indigo Lane to right on Planters Boulevard

Planters Boulevard to left into the Commons1 at stop sign turn left on Commons Way

Commons Way to right on Chownings Lane

Chownings Lane to left on Commons Way

Follow Commons Way all the way back to the 2nd exit that leads to Planters Boulevard

Turn left on Planter Boulevard

Planters Boulevard to right on Blenheim Court

Blenheim Court to left on Candleberry Circle

Follow Candleberry Circle around to left on Mallory Drive

Mallory Drive to left on Carlyle Street

Carlyle Street to left on Indigo Lane

Indigo Lane to right on Westview Boulevard


Stratford Forest:

At light on Westview Boulevard go straight across onto Londonderry Road

Londonderry Road to left on Keighley Drive

Keighley Drive to u-turn in cul-de-sac

Keighley Drive to left on Londonderry Road

Londonderry Road to right on Stratford Drive

Stratford Drive to right on Queensbury Circle

Queensbury Circle to right on Stratford Drive

Stratford Drive to left on US Hwy 176

US Hwy 176 to left on Gainesborough Drive


Friars Grove:

Gainesborough Drive to left on Fairhaven Drive

Fairhaven Drive to turn at cul-de-sac

Fairhaven Drive to left on Gainsborough Drive


Coventry Green Apartments


Bedford Chase:

Exit Coventry Green Apartments and go straight across Gainesborough onto Guildford Drive

Guildford Drive to turn at cul-de-sac

Guildford Drive to left on Gainesborough Drive



Gainesborough Drive to right on Hearthstone Circle

Hearthstone Circle to left on Gainesborough Drive



Gainesborough Drive to right on Isherwood Drive

Isherwood Drive to right on Galsworthy Drive

Galsworthy Drive to left on Chesterton Drive

Chesterton Drive to right on Monsarret Lane



From stop sign turn left on S. Pembroke Drive

S. Pembroke Drive to right on Waddington Trace

Waddington Trace to right on N. Pembroke Drive

N. Pembroke Drive back to same entrance (would be your second left) you entered on left

Turn left onto Centennial Boulevard


Crowfield Greene (Off Centennial Boulevard)



Centennial Boulevard to right on Lowndes Road

Lowndes Road to left on W. Hartwick Lane

W. Hartwick Lane to left on Stonehurst Drive

Stonehurst Drive to right on Centennial Boulevard


Adthan Place:

Centennial Drive to right on Adthan Circle

Adthan Circle to Centennial Boulevard, turn right


Chatfield Place:

Centennial Boulevard turn right onto Chatfield Circle

Chatfield Circle turn left onto Centennial Boulevard



Centennial Boulevard turn right onto Haleswood Circle

Haleswood Circle to Centennial Boulevard and turn left


The Preserve:

Centennial Boulevard turn right onto Thousand Oaks Circle

Thousand Oaks Circle to right on Centennial Boulevard at stop sign go straight across Crowfield Boulevard


Lakeview Terrace:

Loganberry circle all the way back around to entrance you came in and turn left on Crowfield Boulevard


The Hamlets:

Crowfield Boulevard to left on Hamlet Circle

Hamlet Circle to Hamlet Circle

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