Exit Drills

Exit Drills in the Home (E.D.I.T.H.)
Gather your family together. It is important that this activity involves every member of the family:
  • On a piece of paper, draw a floor plan of your home. Be sure to indicate where the doors and windows are located
  • Decide upon a family meeting spot and draw it on the piece of paper. This can be a neighbor's house, a tree, a mailbox, or anything that is away from the house
  • Have each family member draw two ways out of their room. Discuss the importance of how to safely exit out a secondary exit if the main door or path is blocked by fire
  • Make sure that every family member knows two ways out of every room and that, once you are out of the house, you do not go back inside
  • Conduct a practice drill by having family members go to their room
  • Press the test button on your smoke detector to start the fire drill
  • Teach each family member to crawl low to the ground while exiting to stay below the toxic smoke
  • Make sure that every family member gets out of the house safely and meets at the family meeting spot
  • Remind your family to call 911 once they are out of the house if there is a fire
Helpful Tips
  • Practice your home escape plan monthly to ensure that each family member remembers what to do in case of a fire
  • Using graph paper makes it easier to draw your floor plan
  • Make sure that each family member can open the windows and take out screens quickly
  • Most house fires occur at night when people are sleeping, practice a fire drill in the dark to simulate the low light conditions produced by fire